Building Your Home is easy as 1,2,3

Selecting your Appointments

Selecting your appointments is also easy as we've compiled two complete well appointed schedules:

Freedom Take advantage of our supply chain to take advantage of applicance brands known for their quality, performance and longevity.

Finesse A range of higher level and high performance appliances, making your home feel opulent.

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Selecting your Home

We've made selecting your home easier by clearly defining our HomeCollections. So you can select by Single Level, Double Storey, Dual Key, Narrow Lot or Granny Flats.

It's then up to you, is it your HomeStyle or HomeDesign that features in your housing choice?

Selecting External & Internal Finishes

You have six contemporary designer matched schemes to choose from, and any can be mixed or matched. Plus we can supply you an easily completed electronic form for any defined material preferences.



The first step in selecting your home. Select the home collection: Single Storey, Double Storey, Narrow Lot, Dual Key or Granny Flats.


Your HomeStyle

The second step in selecting your home. Select the style of your home's façade. We each have personal taste, make the selection that best suits yours.


Your HomeDesign

The third step in selecting your home. Select the best layout design to suit the individual needs of your family or that of your extended family.

We've become one of the Central Coast's largest and proudest home grown builders.

We've got some of the nation's most functional and interactive family home designs, and all can be modified specific to your personal tastes or living demands.

We do numerous joint venture projects each and every year!

Seeking a Joint Venture partner to:

  • Develop Your Property
  • Launch House & Land Projects
  • Make returns on an Investment

We're happy to field your enquiry!

Versatile Homes. The Central Coast Builder.
Versatile Homes. The Central Coast Builder.
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We build further than the Central Coast

Though our focus is firstly on serving the people of the Central Coast, we're often asked to build or develop within the greater Sydney and Hunter regions.

If you love our homes, or wanting to take advantage of our supply chain to deliver your custom home or development on budget, we are keen on your enquiry!

We build all projects no matter the size!

Are you looking to build a custom home, subdivision, villa or townhouse development? Versatile Homes has the resources to ensure your build or development is successful.

We are experts in the development of small to medium scale subdivisions, we can construct and populate any new subdivision to capture House and Land package buyer.

Project marketing? We've got you covered

We take our partnered projects all the way to the market. Creating industry leading marketing materials, and putting you in contact with agents who truly understand the market.